Mirto J. Mar

Hello all, I am just another human being like you, with a strong desire of leaving a better future for Our Children and labouring every day in multiple ways to achieve it.

I am former Chiropractor since 2014, although ”Healing” was always in my hands ( as well as probably in you ), someone told me once that I could focus that ability into healing others, and be the change I wanted to see in the World, a Healed Humanity. This was the beggining of my own healing process and the way I started to share it with the others.

I specialized myself in sport massage techniques which applied within my local rugby team and other athletes. After a time inside the sports world, I discovered Thai Yoga and Ayurveda and all the Energies that this implies, the opening was so huge, and the incoming information so powerful that provided me a quantum leap in my professional formation and way of living.

I actually look at every Therapy Session as a particular an unique case to uncover Truths and Lies inside our bodies, paradoxes that are blocking our natural state of being and retarding the body capability of heal itself. The Chinese Medicine and the Knowing of Yogas mixed with the western sport sciences has given me the opportunity to being able to know at least, what could be the best treatment to a ”sick” body and collaborate in it’s healing proccess.

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